Black Tea
Black Tea
Black Tea
Black Tea
Black Tea
Black Tea

Black Tea


Black tea made from a hand-picked plant leaf tea, with pieces of broken and uncrushed leaves. It is fermented in traditional method with oxidation under controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and drying combined with the Mediterranean plants of green nettle and dandelion, with its natural properties that help activate digestion and prevent intestinal gas, plus a sweet and satiating touch that brings licorice root.

A tea with stimulating theine, but less than coffee. Ideal to start the mornings thanks to the contribution of its properties.

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According to different medical studies from prestigious Universities, black tea possesses polyphenols, substances with a strong antioxidant action that protect the organism against the harmful action of free radicals, which weaken the defense system and accelerate the aging process.
It is also known that the consumption of antioxidants helps reduce the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular and degenerative diseases and even certain types of cancer.
It is astringent and diuretic thanks to the tannins component of tea that give it its characteristic bitter taste.
It is beneficial in case of digestive disorders such as gastritis and helps in the elimination of excess fluids.
Adding the natural sweetener Revitazy results in a low-calorie drink that provides a pleasant feeling of satiety, making it a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks.


  • Assam black tea 40%.
  • Fennel
  • Green nettle
  • Dandelion
  • Licorice


  • Jar of 24 pyramids

It is important to pour hot water over the infusion sachet instead of introducing it directly into the hot water.
Water temperature: 90ºC
Infusion time: 4 min.
Amount of tea: 3 grams per 300 ml.
Tip: Place the pyramid in the cup and then slowly pour the water over the leaves.
The pyramid contains space for the leaves to open and release all their flavor.


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