Green Tea
Green Tea
Green Tea
Green Tea
Green Tea
Green Tea

Green Tea


Compound green tea with its characteristic slightly yellow color, a mild and delicate flavor, combined with the Mediterranean herbs and plants of dandelion, anise, licorice and lemon balm.

Tea leaves from China, elaborated with the traditional handmade method, dried in hot iron containers to obtain the precise humidity together with the traditional herbs dandelion and green nettle. They help to lose weight and have depurative effects, also with anise, lemon balm and licorice root contributes to good digestion and sweeten.

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Like all teas it has a large amount of polyphenols that with its high antioxidant power will help our defenses and fight against free radicals.
Medical studies show that they prevent and reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and help block enzymes that affect cartilage.
It is the perfect ally to combat overweight, which contributes to weight loss thanks to its high content of catechins, responsible for naturally accelerating fat burning.
Beneficial for our skin, it helps prevent wrinkles by protecting the skin, strengthens bones, prevents hypertension, helps prevent flu and colds, reduces stress and relieves allergies as well as many other benefits provided by its regular consumption.
Different medical studies such as the Laboratory of Lipids and Antioxidants of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology, University of Chile and other prestigious Universities corroborate the virtues of this millenary drink.


  • Sencha green tea 40%.
  • Anis
  • Green nettle
  • Dandelion
  • Regalíz
  • Melissa


  • Jar of 24 pyramids

It is important to pour hot water over the infusion sachet instead of introducing it directly into the hot water.
Water temperature: 90ºC
Infusion time: 4 min.
Amount of tea: 3 grams per 300 ml.
Tip: Place the pyramid in the cup and then slowly pour the water over the leaves.
The pyramid contains space so that the leaves can open and release all their flavor.


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