Red Tea
Red Tea
Red Tea
Red Tea
Red Tea
Red Tea

Red Tea


Red tea from the Pu-Erh region of China, where it originates.

Red tea has an average amount of theine.

With an earthy and intense flavor, popularly known as fat-eating tea, flavored with vanilla and with corn stigma, it also contributes to the cleansing of the urinary tract, besides having a satiating effect.

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Our red Pu-erh tea fermented for long periods of fifteen years, makes its leaves have a coppery color and its infusion picks up that color.
This is the most used tea for slimming diets that are very fashionable since the 90's due to studies carried out in North American Universities.
Numerous studies on this ancient form of fermentation of tea leaves, detail among its properties to help lose weight, reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, aid digestion and detoxifying benefit. It increases diuresis, which favors the elimination of liquids that carry toxins with them.
It stimulates digestion, favoring both the liver work, as well as the intestinal transit that accelerates gently.
Like other types of tea, it has a thermogenic effect that results in an acceleration of metabolism, by virtue of which you will not need to restrict the calories in your diet to lose weight, since the consumption of red tea contributes to its fat burning effect.
It is advisable to rest the intake of pu-erh red tea every four weeks for its effects on the metabolism, until a regular consumption of one year.
Stimulating benefit: If you are one of those who diet makes them feel weak and without energy, red tea can be a good option, its antidepressant action gives you a slightly euphoric effect.


  • Red tea 73%.
  • Horsetail
  • Vanilla flavor
  • Corn stigma


  • Jar of 24 pyramids

It is important to pour hot water over the infusion sachet instead of introducing it directly into the hot water.
Water temperature: 95ºC
Infusion time: 4 min.
Amount of tea: 3 grams per 300 ml.
Tip: Place the pyramid in the cup and then slowly pour the water over the leaves.
The pyramid contains space for the leaves to open and release all their flavor.


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